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Cosmogolem getting ready for Art With Me, Tulum

The CosmoGolem is being built in Tulum - one week to go and the team is working hard to have our giant of hope ready for the opening of Art With Me GNP.

Art With Me is a community driven arts and culture festival centered around the celebration of arts in all its forms, with an intention to enrich the local community, preserve the natural environment, and strengthen the artistic development of Tulum through conscious and sustainable practices.

The festival invited Koen Vanmechelen, who - beside the CosmoGolem - will also setup a SoTO dialogue and a Cosmocafe as part of the Human Rights Pavilion. The dialogues bring together innovative, provocative thinkers and doers from both the local and global community to explore, advocate and progress our common understanding of human nature, human rights and art through in-depth conversations and unconventional alliances.

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