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Festive launch of Cosmogolem project in Sri Lanka

In collaboration with Child Action Lanka and Hogeschool UCLL

On the 21st of October, artist Koen Vanmechelen launched a new Cosmogolem project in Sri Lanka. Thanks to a collaboration of. Hogeschool UCLL x Child Action Lanka SRW, Child and Youth Care (CAL) and Cosmogolem Foundation, the wooden giant of hope sets foot in South Asia.

Child Action Lanka (CAL) is focused on ensuring that vulnerable children everywhere have a chance at a better future. Their holistic approach aims to provide transformational development that is both sustainable and therefore community based. This often means going beyond the surface into underlying root causes of inequality, discrimination, exploitation or violence to ensure the wellbeing, value and equality of a child.

CAL will make 4ft multiples of the Cosmogolem that will travel the nation, igniting hope and empowering children throughout the Island to realize their rights and dreams. The students of UCLL Hogeschool support the project, by providing expertise on education and children’s rights.

“The Cosmogolem is an iconic symbol, inspiring children to express their creativity through art, dance, and stories. Created by renowned artist Koen Vanmechelen, the statue will be a powerful reminder of every child's right to dream and aspire.”


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