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A new CosmoGolem at Academy Merksem (Antwerp), 19 OCT 2022

On 19th October 2022, Academy Merksem (Antwerp) celebrates the arrival of the CosmoGolem in it's front garden.

In collaboration with the Academy of Merksem; a new Cosmogolem is born in Antwerp (BE).

The CosmoGolem - built last school year by David de Joode and his team at Gatam - will find a home in the academy's garden. The sculpture underlines the academy's mission to be a safe haven for creativity, where all students feel free to be themselves and to explore their full potential.

The Cosmogolem symbolizes the academy's vision and commitment to children's rights, active citizenship and artistic competence. The sculptures invites students and passers-by to entrust their dreams and wishes to the heart of the CosmoGolem by writing them down, making poems, dances and songs, and sharing them with the friendly giant.

On the 19th of October, the Cosmogolem will be officially inaugurated, on the beats of a Cosmogolem song!

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