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Cosmogolem in Entebbe — 2023

we are joining forces in 2023 in uganda with ViaVia Joker Travellers Cafés. The initiative follows Koen Vanmechelen’s visit to ViaVia Entebbe last summer. The artist was so enchanted by the region’s beauty and the contact with the local people that he decided to team up with the ViaVia for an ambitious art-community-science project. One of those projects is building a new giant Cosmogolem statue.

Giant of Hope in Entebbe

The CosmoGolem project focuses on the empowerment of children and their rights all over the world. This time the CosmoGolem travels to Entebbe to show local children that they can express themselves through poetry, stories, dance and visual arts. By doing so, they can share feelings they find difficult to express otherwise and learn how to dream about their future.

Workshops are set up in the vicinity of the Golem to stimulate children to express their thoughts and emotions During these workshops, children are taught about different perspectives on reality, stimulating their listening and reasoning skills. Himself always silent, this giant protector empowers children by helping them find their own voice and identity.

The children can communicate, philosophize, create and share in whatever form they choose. They can make artworks and deposit them through a hatch in the heart of the CosmoGolem.

By supporting the CosmoGolem ViaVia Entebbe contributes to its mission of connecting communities worldwide and encourages children from the neighbourhood to dream and create.

Connecting communities

Beside the Cosmogolem project, Vanmechelen will also introduce sustainable chickens to local households through his Planetary Community Chicken Project. The project aims to address global challenges to sustainable food systems through diversity and activate the power of creativity as motor for development.

The collaboration between the artist and the ViaVia Joker Travellers Cafés is officially kicked-off on January 4 at the ViaVia Entebbe in the presence of the artist Koen Vanmechelen and the founder and global director of the ViaVia Joker Traveller Cafés Bob Elsen.

Interested to support the projects, contact ViaViaEntebbe or have a look at our sponsor proposal of the Cosmogolem or Planetary Community Chicken.


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