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Our CosmoGolem lands in Peru

The CosmoGolem – Koen Vanmechelen's Giant of Hope continues to travel around the world! On Saturday 10th of April, we celebrate the inauguration of a new CosmoGolem in San Juan de Miraflores, Lima (Peru).

Construction of the CosmoGolem

The Peruvian CosmoGolem finds a home at San Juan de Miraflores, one of the poorest areas of Lima. Close to what is known as “the

wall of shame”; dividing the richest parts of Lima from the poorest ones. The CosmoGolem is built on the highest level of a shanti town, next to a small school; La Escuelita. The statue stands as a symbol for Human Rights as we create hope for the future generations. The wooden giant has been built by the local community.

"This CosmoGolem stands on top of a mountain, surrounded by people who have the hope to grow in this difficult society. I think that by making and installing this CosmoGolem, they have taken a step to let the world see how we can move together, how we can work together, and how we can talk just from this mountain to other parts of the city and to the rest of the world. I am proud and I am full of hope. Let this be a strong philosophy and let’s start to talk with each other and to listen to each other. And especially, to learn from each other.”

-Koen Vanmechelen, speech, inauguration CosmoGolem, April 10th 2021


In August 2019, Koen visited Bruno Rouffaer in Lima, a long-time friend and a volunteer at the Children Of Lima organisation. He introduced Koen to the local communities and together, they started dreaming and talking about a Giant of Hope for Peru.

In February 2021, construction of the Peruvian CosmoGolem began. The project is made possible with the help of Children of Lima. the CosmoGolem foundation and many other international and local partners. Different schools (NGO LaEscualita, Colefio Trener) will work with and around the sculpture, bringing together creativity, human rights and education.

Other projects

As connectivity is key, the community is not only constructing a CosmoGolem, with the support of Bruno Rouffaer and Children of Lima solar panels are being installed on the roof of La Escualita to give children access to the schools downhill. In addition, Koen Vanmechelen and the MOUTH Foundation sent MOUTH Masks to help the community protect itself against Covid-19. Further, ‘Fog Catchers’ are placed to catch fog and turn it into water, which is the gate to more independency – gardening, small scale farming, etc.

Video by Lisa Eriksen, Co-Founder of NGO LaEscualita


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