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Permanent Cosmogolem in Tulum

From May 2019 onward, Koen Vanmechelen’s CosmoGolem stands guard on Tulum beach, .

Fire, water, earth and air are the ingredients which are caught in this gigantic wooden statue. It guards the communities and rises up in case of unrest. Only the pure of heart knows his drive and has the strength to bring into motion this enormous body. - Koen Vanmechelen

His open head represents an open mind reminding us that thoughts should never be locked in. They can move freely. The CosmoGolem encourages others to dream and develop their own aspirations; a symbol of hope and evolution of great things to come.

The white crystal safeguards this energy. The power of this stone was no mystery to the ancient cultures of the Mayans. In the open head of the CosmoGolem, it aligns, clears and transform the energy and spirit. A guardian of knowledge and prism of light, it reflects the rhythm of life, ebb and flow, like the ocean’s tides.

In Tulum, the CosmoGolem invites you in. It creates a space for gathering and meditation. The presence of the CosmoGolem on the beach, between water and sand, heaven and earth draws together knowledge from the myths and the present into the noosphere, the gathered thoughts of humankind. From here, it can inspire and fertilize to heal the world.

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