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When a statue is installed, Cosmogolem workshops begin. Organisations are free to tailor the sessions to the participants but generally speaking the workshop comprises the following components: 


Philosophy session with children

The children sit in a horseshoe shape around an object, e.g., a sunflower. We start with name games designed to help the children get to know each other and set everyone in the group at ease. The game is followed by the question: ‘How do you feel today?’ Then we focus on the object placed in the middle, f.ex. a sunflower. It is turned upside down, roots in the air, flower in the ground. ‘What object is it you are looking at?’ Some will answer a tree, others something entirely different. The children are freely associating. The group, consisting of adults and children, listens to various perspectives and discusses them. The horseshoe is alive with thoughts.

Near the Cosmogolem children are taught about different perspectives on reality and stimulating their listening skills and powers of association and reasoning.  



The children have time to work with any ingredient they can find to express their thoughts and emotions. Some dance, some draw, some construct an object or a musical or theatrical performance. 



The children present their work to the others. The mentors offer their philosophical interpretations of the various creative expressions and then open up the heart of the Cosmogolem. The giant is ready to receive the hopes, wishes, dreams and aspirations of these children. 

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