Day of the Cosmogolem, Qué Piensas? 11 SEPT, 2022

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, the fifth edition of the international children's rights festival the Day of the Cosmogolem will take place at LABIOMISTA. The theme of the family day is "What do you think? Qué Piensas? Visitors are challenged to philosophize about the world of today and tomorrow challenged by the Cosmogolem.

The Cosmogolem, a work of art by Koen Vanmechelen, is a 4m high wooden giant. In more than 40 places around the globe, the sculpture reaches out to local communities in their pursuit of more and better children's rights. The day of the Cosmogolem, a children's rights fundraiser, will be held on 11 September at LABIOMISTA in Genk. The proceeds will go to the Cosmogolem vzw to support new Cosmogolem projects around the world and to a local project in Genk.

The theme of the family day is "What's in your mind?" "Qué Piensas?". Five mini-Cosmogolems at as many works of art encourage young people to philosophize about the world of today and tomorrow, supported by students from UCLL Hogeschool. Visitors can find inspiration in LaMouseion, the three thinking boxes in Protected Paradise, on the border between domestication and wild where they can meet and speak to writers about their ideas. Finally in collaboration with Filosofieschool Doen! Denken! a debate is being organised with, among others, Jean Paul Van Bendegem and Koen Vanmechelen.

The Cosmogolem also travels to Nomadland where children are welcome to deposit their dreams, wishes and thoughts in his heart. Local foodies will provide tasty food and drinks, there will be local children's entertainment and the Speel'Bus from Campus O³ will also provide entertainment.

The project is coordinated by Cosmogolem vzw and OpUnDi Genk, the Genk branch of Vanmechelen's Open University of Diversity (OpUnDi); a think-and-do tank where new ideas and initiatives for the neighbourhood can arise through art.

For the Day of the Cosmogolem you can book a regular entrance ticket for LABIOMISTA. During your visit you receive extra information about the Cosmogolem project at different places.

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via the website of LABIOMISTA

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